Pharmacy Coverage

CCH has partnered with MedImpact as our Pharmacy Benefit Manager to provide your prescription drugs. MedImpact’s pharmacy network provides flexibility in receiving your prescriptions. To find a participating pharmacy near you, download the list of retail pharmacies.

As a CCH member, you can also obtain a 90-day supply of ongoing medications through the mail-order program with MedImpact. With mail-order, you can have your prescriptions delivered right to your home. To learn more about the mail-order program or to obtain a mail order brochure, go to to register or, if you wish, you may speak with a customer service representative at 855-873-8739.

Please click on the link to complete a Birdi Enrollment/Medication Order Form.

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Commonly Prescribed Medications

MedImpact has created a list of commonly prescribed medications within select classes of drugs covered by the member’s prescription drug plan. The PDL was created to promote clinically appropriate utilization of medications in a cost-effective manner. Click here to download your Preferred Drug List (PDL).
A Prior Authorization may be required for coverage for certain medications that are designated by MedImpact.  A physician must submit the request utilizing form 61-211.  Please click here for the Prescription Drug Prior Authorization/Step Therapy Exception Request Form.

In the event you paid for a covered medication, but are eligible for reimbursement, please complete this form and send to MedImpact for the processing.

If you have any questions regarding your pharmacy coverage, please contact MedImpact at 844-348-8510 to speak with a representative.